Announcing Wednesday Twitter Trivia = Prizes for YOU!

Imagine this: You’re on Twitter and a question pops up on your feed. You answer it and the next thing you know, you receive a reply back saying that you just won a prize!

Sound fun?

We hope so because starting today, that’s exactly what we’re going to be doing!

Today, I’m excited to announce “Wednesday Twitter Trivia,” where you’ll have 10 chances to win prizes just for answering trivia questions on – you guessed it – Twitter!

How does Wednesday Twitter Trivia work?
It’s simple. Throughout the day on Wednesdays, we’ll be asking our Twitter followers 10 questions between 9am to 4pm PST.

How do I win prizes?
In order to win a prize, you must:

  1.     Be the first person to answer the question correctly
  2.     Be following the @Scout Twitter account
  3.     Use the the hashtag #imascout in your answer

What kinds of questions will I have to answer?
Every week will feature questions around a different theme and we’ll let you know before the questions start on Wednesdays. Some days it might have to do with foods, other sports, but in general, we’ll ask questions about what we know best – helping you discover and explore the world around you!

For our first Wednesday Twitter Trivia, all of the questions will have to do with a big holiday coming up at the beginning of next week: Valentine’s Day!

What time does the trivia start/end?
Wednesday Twitter Trivia will start at 9am PST & end at 4pm PST.

What are the prizes?
Here’s the fun part: Every week the prizes will be different and we’ll announce them before the questions start!

For our first Wednesday Twitter Trivia (2/8/12), we’ll be giving away 10 Arkon Universal Phone mounts – perfect for scouting your town in style!

Where are the official rules?
Official rules can be found right here.

Have any other questions?
Let us know on Twitter or our Facebook page.

We really hope you enjoy this and we just thought that this would be a fun thing to do on Wednesdays! We hope you join us. Good luck!