Waypoint 2013 Recap!

Waypoint 2013 has come and gone – and this year’s conference was full of intelligent and intriguing discussions about navigation technology. The annual conference was held in San Francisco, where Telenav hosted a group of influential tech journalists and analysts from across the country to talk about the future of mobile and in-car navigation.

In the above video, Waypoint 2013 attendees discuss their first impressions of the event and their views on the future of navigation.

Telenav made several announcements at Waypoint 2013, including map improvements such as new 3D buildings and crowd-sourced traffic data, as well as an update to it’s “Scout for Cars: Built In” product. The Scout Advertising team also shared the results of an in-depth study that details consumer driving behaviors.

Check out what else happened at Waypoint 2013:

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