#AlwaysThere: Help Us Celebrate The Little Things In Life!

Starting over the next few days, from our Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest accounts, you’re going to see us start using the hashtag #AlwaysThere. Why? It’s because Scout on your phone was created to help you get to all of your favorite people, places, and things and no matter where you are, will always be there – right in your pocket.

It’s because of this, we want to do more to celebrate all the little things in your life which are always there for you.

My Story – Appreciating Things That Are #AlwaysThere
When my family first moved from Chicago to Washington State in the mid-80’s, the town we moved to was a tiny suburb of Seattle. At the time, there was one stop sign, a small airport and, from what I can remember, a tiny water park near the highway. Beyond that, there really wasn’t that much to my new home, except for a few cows.

Simply put, the place was podunk.

Fast forward to today though, and what you’ll find is that the town is a vastly different from the place I knew as a child.

Thanks to the growth of corporations in the area like Microsoft, the town I once called “podunk” is now nothing of the sort. Since the mid-80’s, it has become much more developed and now offers all the amenities that you would expect a major suburb to have. As a result, it hardly even resembles the place I remember growing up – the airport, water park, and cows have all been gone for years. It’s amazing how much one place can change in just a short amount of time.

The only constant in life is change.  

It’s true. Change really is the only constant and it seems as though it is inevitable. Try as you might, there’s truly no stopping it (believe me – I’ve tried everything).  But perhaps it’s for this exact reason that it makes you appreciate all of the little things in life that seemingly don’t.  That is to say, there are some things that, despite all of the constant changes, somehow withstand the chaos and pressure to change. These things are few and far between and for every person different, but are for those reasons, simply amazing.

For me personally, one of those things are the stars. As a kid and now as an adult, I still find a lot of comfort in looking up and seeing that they are still there, shining brightly as ever – just as I remember.

What are those things that are #alwaysthere for you?

Now it’s your turn
Think about your favorite things – maybe its your favorite music, picture, a pair of shoes, or something else. What is it about that thing you love? Let us know by leaving a comment below or joining the conversation on Twitter by following us here and using the #AlwaysThere hashtag.

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