35 Ideas to Kick Start Your Summer Bucket List

Summer is finally here and that means ahead of us all are 3 full months of sun and fun!

What will you do all of that time?

Of course, if there is any problems to be had with summer it’s that it always moves waaaaay too fast and – *poof* – before you know it, it’s over.

Summer Too Short? Create a Summer Buck List

As I have yet to figure out a way to fully control time (working on it), I've come up with a method for making sure I'm able to do better plan out my summer so I'm able to do all the things I want to do: I create a Summer Bucket List.

What is a Summer Bucket List?

Simply put, it's a list of things I want to do before summer is over. By writing them down and listing them out, I’m able to 1) remember all the things I want to do so I can pro-actively plan time for them and 2) it allows me to prioritize them.

Need some ideas for making your Summer Bucket List?

Here are 35 ideas to help kick start your list!

  1. Host a barbecue at a local park
  2. Go on the best road trip you’ve ever been on
  3. Learn how to fish or if go on a local charter fishing boat
  4. Go hiking (because it’s awesome)
  5. Start a new project
  6. Thank your favorite local businesses by writing positive reviews for them online
  7. Spend a day in your hometown doing what the tourists do
  8. Try white water rafting!
  9. Finish a puzzle with more than 1000+ pieces
  10. Go to the beach (and be prepared)
  11. Eat something you’ve always said you never would (Oysters, anyone?)
  12. Discover a new favorite restaurant (Try that spot you've always been meaning to go to)
  13. Stay at a bed & breakfast
  14. Go to an outdoor movie (and bring lots of snacks!)
  15. Feeling especially free spirited? Go bungee jumping!
  16. Start a wish tree
  17. Make a dinner using only items you bought at a farmers market
  18. Make a tie die shirt with your family
  19. Fly a kite
  20. Go camping – in the woods or in the front or back yard!
  21. One word: Smores
  22. Spend a day at a festival
  23. Create a new set of goals to accomplish by the end of summer (with dates!)
  24. Or better yet – Create a Life Plan
  25. Start a blog about one specific thing you love
  26. Make a summer cocktail
  27. Go on a picnic
  28. Learn how to barbecue chicken (without burning it)
  29. Or fruit?
  30. Check out a factory tour: chocolate, brewery, cheese, etc.
  31. Spend an entire day watching your favorite movie trilogy
  32. Go kayaking! (Seriously – I want to go)
  33. Splurge by going to a live music show you’ve always wanted to check out
  34. Have a pooch? Go to the dog park
  35. Check out a comedy club


What will you be doing this summer? The beauty of it is that it's all totally up to you! Whether you're out trying new activities, checking out local hot spots, or just maxin' and relaxin', summer is a time to do the all the things you're passionate about.

However you decide to spend your summer, definitely consider creating a Summer Bucket List. It can help you figure out everything you want to do this summer and help to ensure you're able to fit it all in before – *poof* – it's over.

Now it’s your turn.

What types of things will you add to your list? Did we miss anything? Let us us know!