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An Open Letter from Boston

Greetings, Scout users,

My name is Nick Altschuller, and I’m the new Guides Editor for My goal is to inform you about all the compelling venues and events around you. My job, at the moment, is centered in Boston. So if you’re in the Hub of the Universe, and you need to know where to take your toddler for a play date, and where to get a strong martini afterwards, I’m your man.

The first step in this personalized approach is the creation of our Boston Twitter account, @ScoutMeBoston. Please, follow along, ask for a recommendation, or share your own tips and favorites. This is a journey we’re going to take together. And if we get lost, that’s what the GPS is for.

So, what makes me an expert?

Boston is my home of the past 11 years, minus the two I spent earning my master’s degree in journalism. From the beginning, my career has been about tackling the hard issues, like professional football and Neil Diamond impersonators. I’ve written sophisticated innuendo for Maxim. For Esquire, I grilled chef Robert Irvine on time travel and how he’d prepare tofu for a black bear. While ducking Pulitzers, I’ve spent the past five years with The Improper Bostonian, an arts and entertainment magazine. As an editor, I collaborated with a wide spectrum of local creators and innovators. In my position, I was plugged into city life, and often stained with red wine as well as red ink. It was a dreadful grind, one I made in the service of reporting on fun.

I plan to continue that work with Scout, and I look forward to discovering the best of the city with you,


Top 10 Memorial Day Activities

Memorial Day is the official unofficial start of summer!

The start of summer = outdoor fun in the sun :)

Whether you're staying local or going on a road trip, take advantage of the long weekend with these top ten things to do.

From beaches to hikes to ice cream, we've got you covered, thanks to Take a look at our full list after the jump!

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New Scout for Android Update: New Dashboard, Always There Navigation, ETA Sharing & Ad Free Search!

Hey Scouts! We're proud to announce our newest update to Scout for Android this week! The update includes an easier to use app with a cooler looking dashboard, less advertisements, downloadable maps to always keep you on track and great ways to share locations and driving information with your friends and family. We're making Scout sleeker, fun and just downright simpler to use than ever before.

Read on for more details and images!

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New Scout for iPhone Update: Tips and Tricks

Still wishing the weekend was here? Us too. But to help your daily grinds, we released a small update over the weekend that makes Scout for iPhone even easier to use. We've added a new “Tips and Tricks” section in the app to help you discover cool features you may not have known existed within Scout.

Check it out:

Also, if you didn't already know, you can share your location or a certain place you're going via text, e-mail, Facebook and now, Twitter!

If you're a current Scout user, download the update and let us know what you think! If you are new to Scout on iPhones, try out the 30-day free trial and we'd love to hear your feedback.

Weekend Challenge #2: Accomplished in expensive fashion

“Do something that makes you think about your future.” Did you?

Just in case you missed Friday’s post on the Scout blog, we challenged our readers be adventurous and a little forward thinking and do something related to your future. It could have been anything, but like always, we just want you to be daring and discover. In the past, I have caught myself stopping at open houses at multi-million dollar homes, just to see what they look like. Can’t hurt to dream, right?

So before I go into what I did for my weekend challenge, I want to clear the air from the get go. I did not try on any wedding dresses this weekend. A cousin of mine is getting married later this year, and his fiancé has been knee deep in planning as of late. One struggle she’s had, was which wedding dress to pick. And she wanted an opinion different from her friends so she asked my cousin, who in turn asked if I was interested in going – my light bulb moment: experience something new and interesting.

I know I’ll get married at some point – so why not check out how the whole wedding dress process works, right?

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Scouting: We’re All on a Journey

“What is one thing you wish you knew earlier in life?”

This was a question a friend of mine had asked me last weekend. At the time, I wasn’t really sure how to answer it and after I stalled a bit (not very gracefully, I might add), I told her I’d get back to her. It was an interesting question and one I wanted to put some thought into. Just one thing? Man, there are so many…

So like I told my friend I would, I gave it some thought – all weekend long.

I started as I left the restaurant and it continued well into the night on Friday. “Think, think think,” I told myself, but nothing came. It was really frustrating, but I continued trying to think of an answer. As the weekend went on, I still had nothing and even before my eyes had opened on Sunday morning, my thoughts were focused on finding an answer.

Then about mid-afternoon, it me like a freight train. Boom. There it was.

“Life is a Videogame”

When I was younger, to me, life was a simple thing – really simple. As I saw it, it was just a series of accomplishments that everyone goes through – or strives to go through. For example, when you turn 16 years old, you get a driver’s license. After that, you graduate from high school, go to college and get a degree. From there, you get a job. Eventually, you settle down, buy a house, and have a family. Easy, right? Why was everyone so confused about it? It seemed very straight forward. At least it did to me and this is really how I saw things.

As a result, this is how I lived: I plodded through life, knocking out goals, almost like a real-life video game. 200 points for this accomplishment. Power up. Warp zone. On to the next level and so on. It was great. I hit a lot of my goals and if all you want is to reach the end, it’s perfect. But the problem is (and what I later found out) life isn’t a video game and it isn’t about how many levels you get through or points you score. (Btw, is this the nerdiest metaphor for life you’ve ever heard?)

I wish I had known earlier…

What I learned as I grew older – and to answer my friend’s question about something I wish I had known earlier – is that life isn’t just about getting from Point A to Point B. It isn’t only about knocking out levels and reaching the end; it’s also about the stories, experiences and discoveries which are created in between. An old friend of mine put it best when he told me, “The goal of hiking isn’t about getting to the top. It’s about discovering the world around you, experiencing the mountain, and creating stories worth telling.”

At this point, I can see it on your face. You’re asking yourself, “That’s great, but tell me why this is on the Scout blog?” Simply put, I’m sharing my answer here because this pretty well defines what “scouting” means to me.

As you could imagine, the way I see life (vs. the way I saw it when I was younger), has given me a completely different outlook on how I wake up each morning. Now, life isn’t about only about goals (which, of course, still have their place), but also about the journey, the discoveries, and the experiences which are made while on it. To me, the journey is the most fun part and at any given point, we’re all on one. We’re all scouting.

My Personal Journey

No matter who or where we are, all of us are in the middle of a journey. Some of them might be bigger ones, like raising a family or moving to a new area, or starting a job, while for others they are simpler, like learning a new recipe or discovering and trying a new experience. If any of you have ever felt the rush of experiencing something new – even a new restaurant, you know how much fun it can be.

Personally, I’m on several journeys.  Some of them include:

  • Learning Brazilian Jiu Jitsu
  • Volunteering for local non-profit organizations
  • Blogging about places I love
  • Learning the guitar
  • Going on “every day adventures” – a term I use to have more fun

Of course, it’s likely that the things you’re involved in and the journeys you’re on are as unique are much different than mine, as they are personalized to you. But whatever they are, scouting is about getting out and doing your part to not just passively let life pass you by. It’s about making an active decision to boldly go out into the world and discover the world around you and create stories worth telling. This is scouting – and it’s the one thing I wish I had known earlier.

It’s your turn

Before I wrap this post up, I want to hear from you. What is one of the personal journeys you’re on in 2012?

Photo credit: Powderruns