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Over the past few weeks, you've heard us talk more and more regularly about our website, Well if you're wondering why, here's one major reason: It's super awesome. :)

Oh, and it keeps getting better and better and is really easy to discover things in and around your own neighborhood OR a city you planning on visiting. It's perfect for pre-planning any trip.

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An Open Letter from Boston

Greetings, Scout users,

My name is Nick Altschuller, and I’m the new Guides Editor for My goal is to inform you about all the compelling venues and events around you. My job, at the moment, is centered in Boston. So if you’re in the Hub of the Universe, and you need to know where to take your toddler for a play date, and where to get a strong martini afterwards, I’m your man.

The first step in this personalized approach is the creation of our Boston Twitter account, @ScoutMeBoston. Please, follow along, ask for a recommendation, or share your own tips and favorites. This is a journey we’re going to take together. And if we get lost, that’s what the GPS is for.

So, what makes me an expert?

Boston is my home of the past 11 years, minus the two I spent earning my master’s degree in journalism. From the beginning, my career has been about tackling the hard issues, like professional football and Neil Diamond impersonators. I’ve written sophisticated innuendo for Maxim. For Esquire, I grilled chef Robert Irvine on time travel and how he’d prepare tofu for a black bear. While ducking Pulitzers, I’ve spent the past five years with The Improper Bostonian, an arts and entertainment magazine. As an editor, I collaborated with a wide spectrum of local creators and innovators. In my position, I was plugged into city life, and often stained with red wine as well as red ink. It was a dreadful grind, one I made in the service of reporting on fun.

I plan to continue that work with Scout, and I look forward to discovering the best of the city with you,


Top 10 Memorial Day Activities

Memorial Day is the official unofficial start of summer!

The start of summer = outdoor fun in the sun :)

Whether you're staying local or going on a road trip, take advantage of the long weekend with these top ten things to do.

From beaches to hikes to ice cream, we've got you covered, thanks to Take a look at our full list after the jump!

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7 Ideas to Make Spring 2012 the Best One Ever


What was that noise? Did you guess the collective sigh of relief caused by winter finally going out the window? Then you’re right (and one heck of a guesser).

Today marks the first official day of spring and for many, with it comes feelings of renewal, sunshine, and maybe the best part – warmth. If you’re like me, then you’ve even had this day circled on your calendar since at the end of 2011.

But even as highly anticipated as spring is for many of us, it can just as easily fly by with few memories to show for it. Has this happened to you?

Let’s try something out. Think back to how you spent spring 2011. What do you remember about it? What were your top three favorite moments?

Time is up!

Whether you’re having trouble remember what you did last spring or you’re aren’t,ahead of us all is the potential to make it this spring best of your life. Will you take advantage of it?

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Weekend Challenge #2: Accomplished in expensive fashion

“Do something that makes you think about your future.” Did you?

Just in case you missed Friday’s post on the Scout blog, we challenged our readers be adventurous and a little forward thinking and do something related to your future. It could have been anything, but like always, we just want you to be daring and discover. In the past, I have caught myself stopping at open houses at multi-million dollar homes, just to see what they look like. Can’t hurt to dream, right?

So before I go into what I did for my weekend challenge, I want to clear the air from the get go. I did not try on any wedding dresses this weekend. A cousin of mine is getting married later this year, and his fiancé has been knee deep in planning as of late. One struggle she’s had, was which wedding dress to pick. And she wanted an opinion different from her friends so she asked my cousin, who in turn asked if I was interested in going – my light bulb moment: experience something new and interesting.

I know I’ll get married at some point – so why not check out how the whole wedding dress process works, right?

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Weekend Challenge #2

A couple weeks ago, Kenji went on a weekend challenge to try a new food. If you missed it, you can read it here and urged all of us to be weekend-adventurers. But in case you needed a reminder, he wasn’t just talking about that particular weekend. He was referring to all the time. So this weekend, we remind you to be part of the Scout revolution and do what adventure-seeking people to best, discover.

And for the record, I truly believe that regardless of where you are, journeys and trips of exploration should always happen.

But the real question is, why is this even important?  Continue reading

Scouting for Last-Minute Valentine’s Day Ideas

Hey everyone.  My name is Saba, and I’m part of the Scout team.  Happy Valentine’s Day!

So, today is Valentine’s Day and for me, it’s one of those “holidays” that always creeps up on me. I know forever that it’s coming because right after all of the New Year’s celebrations are over, we start seeing red and pink hearts everywhere letting us know it’s around the corner.

I’m usually in two minds about Valentine's Day. Do I want to celebrate? Do I want to skip it this year? I’m one of those believers in “every day should be Valentine’s Day” and that you should show how much you care to your loved ones without depending on a special occasion. So when my husband tried to plan something for Valentine’s Day this year well in advance, I told him we didn’t need to celebrate and not to worry about it.

Today, however, I woke up with a different feeling. Cupid must have hit me with one of those arrows because I could feel the excitement of love in the air and velvety hearts floating in the sky. After we did the customary “happy-valentine’s-day-kissy-huggy” thing, the first thing I asked was, “So what did you plan tonight for Valentine’s Day, honey?” Rather than Cupid’s arrow melting his heart, it looked like my husband just got hit with a swarm of steel darts.  Without blinking he shot back, “Why don’t you plan it!”

So, here I am. It’s all up to me. It’s Valentine’s Day. I have no gift to give. I have no plans. I thought to myself that I couldn’t be the only last minute Valentine’s Day planner. And I was right! It didn’t take me long to start scouting online to see that there still is hope to find that perfect Valentine’s Day gift for my husband (and to drop him a hint of what I’d like too), and I can still run to the mall after work and pick out something that looks like I put tons of time and thought into. Here are just a few eleventh-hour gift ideas I’ve scouted out that might inspire some of you fellow last-minuters like me.

As for Valentine’s Day date night plans, you may want to search for “Valentine’s Day” in Things to Do at in your city or area. I found some fun things across the country like a dinner cruise in San Francisco, Valentine’s Day speed dating and free drinks for all of you singles out there in the LA area, a Valentine’s Day concert featuring Keith Sweat and Eric Benet or an anti-Valentine’s Day cabaret bash both in the Chicago area, a tango lesson for two with wine and chocolate tasting in New York, and Love in the Park in Fort Lauderdale — just to name a few things to do.

What plans do you have for this special night? If you’re scouting last minute like me, let me know what you come up with!

Happy Scouting!

– Saba