Scouting: 5 Tips for Avoiding a Bad Sushi Restaurant

It’s interesting how things change over time.

As a kid growing up in a suburb of Seattle, sushi was not a very popular food. In fact, I remember the week that my elementary classmates discovered that I ate sushi and mere seconds after (no really) I was soon known as “the kid who’s family eats raw fish. Ewwwwwwww.” I think they probably could have come up with a shorter nickname, but were just being lazy.

However, fast forward to today, and you’ll find the atmosphere around sushi is completely different. In fact, in several areas of the U.S., sushi is not only a popular food, but is considered to be “trendy.” Now, I find it more unusual if someone doesn’t like sushi rather than if they do.

Another example: When I’m at a sushi restaurant, it’s a strange experience for me to see kids as young as 5 years old fighting over the last piece of sashimi. It’s such a contrast from what I remember as a child and I can’t help but ask, “Where am I???”

Of course, I’m only joking about this, and I’m extremely happy that sushi is growing in popularity, because – if anything – for my own selfish reasons, it means more sushi restaurants will open and it’ll be easier for me to fill my cravings.

However, with more sushi restaurants becoming readily available, how do you know if the one you just walked into is a good one? Or worse, how do you know if it’s bad?

As scouting is all about helping you discover and explore things to do and try, today I’ll share with you a few tips on finding good sushi spots.

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