INFOGRAPHIC: 1 in 5 People Can’t Give Directions to Their Nearest Emergency Room

Think you know your home town? It might not be as well as you may think – at least according to the results of a recent survey we conducted.

In our survey, we asked people a variety of questions to gauge their familiarity with a place most, if not all people claim to know pretty really well – their hometown.  In addition to this, we were also curious about how they actually discover new restaurants, retailers & activities and if they do, what actually drives them to decide to try something out.

Here’s what we found:

  • Even in their hometown, people can have a hard time providing directions to some pretty common places & 1 in 5 people can’t give directions to their nearest emergency room – yikes
  • When looking to discover a new place to go, most of the time it’s “just to try something new”
  • Nearly half of all respondents have a hard time trying something new though because they don’t know what’s good
  • When searching for places to try, search is dominated by the computer, but almost 20% people prefer to search on their smartphone

Want to see the rest of the results? Check out our infographic below.