Scout Makes Noise at CES 2012

The Scout booth at CES 2012 in Las Vegas

CES, the Consumer Electronics Show, has come to be known as the biggest gadget trade show of the year. This year, many bloggers and media considered the 2012 show the home of mobile apps. With that being said, what better place to launch Telenav‘s newest app, Scout!

The week in Las Vegas started off with an exclusive media-only event at the MGM Grand, called “PEPCOM: Digital Experience.” At the event, we had one of our decked out cars, the Ford Explorer (see below). Customized with Telenav and Scout branding, the team showed off the car along with sharing Monday’s big company news – the official launch of Scout, the new partnership with Ford and SYNC® AppLink™, and lastly, a new collaboration with Sony for their in dash receivers. For more info on the announcement, click here.

A decked out Ford Explorer in black & yellow

Reception to the demo was definitely positive and many bloggers and reporters were excited to see how a new app like Scout can effectively work across the web, mobile app and in-car navigation. It’s definitely a new concept we’re proud of sharing and were happy to see the good reception over the course of the night.

Tuesday, CES officially opened at the Las Vegas Convention Center. The show, open to the tech industry and media attracts over 120,000 people every year. We’ve been planning for CES to be the big coming out party for Scout so our presence at the show was pretty unique. The team created a booth space that showcased a Ford Focus and demos of how the Scout experience works on all three platforms. The marketing team has been working hard all week to introduce Scout to all CES attendees. Needless to say, people are walking away with a good impression of what we are trying to do with our new app.

In case you’re not up to speed on what Scout actually does, think of it as your personal daily navigator. It isn’t just your typical map/navigation app, but it lets you discover more and more places to eat, see and visit but making it easier and easier.

Saba scouts out CES

And exactly why is CES important? Just think of it as technology’s Superbowl. Everybody is paying attention. The trade show showcases the newest and upcoming products by some of the biggest consumer companies around the world. From unbelievably large LCD screens to new Android smart phones, companies come to Las Vegas every January to share the vision of the new year.

To top it off, CNET, a top consumer blog  nominated Scout as one of the best ideas they have seen at CES this year in the Car Tech category. All in all, it’s a great start to 2012, and this year’s trade show has definitely been good to us.

This year, Telenav is doing a lot and we can’t wait to continue to share it all with you. Starting with Scout, new brand colors and much more. Keep your eyes right here on the blog for all of the latest. Until next time, keep on scouting and discovering!