Super Storm Sandy: A Story from an East Coast Scout

Last month, the northeastern part of the U.S. was hit by Super Storm Sandy, one of the largest and most destructive storms to ever hit the U.S., during which millions were left without power, thousands were displaced and entire cities were left flooded.

Even as I write this almost two weeks later, there are still many living in temporary housing and thousands more who are still without electricity. Unfortunately, it looks like the areas affected by Super Storm Sandy have a long recovery ahead of them.

To help with the effort as we head into the cold winter months, we’re encouraging everyone to please donate to the American Red Cross.

In the larger scheme of things during a disaster like Sandy, a lot becomes trivial as you think about the devastation and destruction brought upon millions of people. What really matters is making sure that the people affected – those who are injured, hungry, and homeless – receive the help they desperately need.

In that context, Scout doesn’t seem all that important… or at least we thought.

As it turns out, Scout is playing a part in the Sandy recovery efforts – even if just a very small one with just one person.

Last week, Matthew Dimmick, a Product Manager here on the Scout team, shared this email with us:

“My father is currently working with an organization which helps FEMA assess damaged homes after a natural disaster and speed up the process of getting financial assistance to them. He is deployed for the next month to the New York/New Jersey area impacted by hurricane Sandy.

This is a guy who is not particularly computer literate and just got his first smart phone a few months ago. He had never used phone based navigation before.

Knowing that he would be driving around an unfamiliar area of the country, my mother installed Scout onto his iPhone before he left. She figured the hybrid (maps) feature would come in handy since most of the cell tower infrastructure was destroyed in the storm.

I received the following text message from him this morning:

“Matt. Scout is fabulous. I absolutely couldn’t function without it.”


As you could imagine, our team was very touched by this story and we’re happy to know that Scout is playing a part in the Sandy recovery efforts – no matter how small.

Please support the American Red Cross Relief Efforts by donating here.