New Scout for iPhone Update: Calendar Sync and Real-time ETA Sharing

We’re really excited to share our latest update to Scout for iPhone! This update includes new features that will help you arrive on time, and keep friends and family updated on the status of your trip in real time. It’s smarter, personalized navigation with features we’re excited to use ourselves!

New Features

real time eta sharing with scout iphone gps app

Share your arrival status in real time with OnMyWay®.

This is a great way to let someone know you are on your way without having to send texts or make calls while driving – whether it’s a friend that you are meeting for happy hour or a spouse who wants to know what time you will be home.

  • Real-time ETA sharing lets others know when you’ll be there and enables them to see your real-time progress on a map as you drive.
  • You can also set up ETA auto sharing. For added convenience, prepopulated contacts will get ETA notifications when you navigate to Home or Work.

calendar sync with scout gps navigation for iphone

Sync your calendar with Scout.

Launch directly into navigation with Scout’s calendar integration.

  • Scout can now sync with your iPhone calendar to provide one-click voice-guided navigation to your appointments.

How to Use the New Features

Calendar Sync

Calendar Integration syncs with your existing calendar and allows Scout to help you navigate to your appointment by launching right into voice-guided navigation. Scout automatically syncs with your calendar each time you launch the app.

How does it work?

1. A reminder from your calendar for your next appointment pops up with a Scout alert asking you if you’d like use Scout to get to your destination.

2. A click on the Scout alert launches voice-guided navigation that gets you on your way!


With OnMyWay, you let others track your real-time progress on a map, alleviating the need for distracting phone calls and text messages on your status. You can share your location with friends and family via text message.

OnMyWay also lets you to set up prepopulated alerts with assigned recipients, like a spouse or your kids, any time you launch a route to home or work.

To share your real-time ETA:

  1. Tap the “Home” button on My Dashboard.
  2. Next, on the “Route Planning” screen, check the “Share ETA” box and tap “Drive.”
  3. You’ll then be brought to a message screen which you can send to anyone in your contacts, including family and friends.

Check out some screen shots of the new features in action

We want to know what you think!

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