ENDING SOON: Scout Plus for iPhone Free for a Year!

If you’ve been reading our blog then you already know that for the past month we’ve been giving away one-year subscriptions to Scout for iPhone for absolutely FREE. That means iPhone customers have been able to get our premium features like offline navigation, traffic rerouting, speed limit alerts, and lane assist just by downloading and creating a new Scout account – normally, a cost of $24.99/year.

We’re extremely happy that we’ve been able to offer Scout free for a year to iPhone customers and thrilled that so many of you have downloaded it. Sadly, however, like all good things, our offer must soon come to an end.

Today, I’m here to let everyone know that our free one-year offer for Scout for iPhone will be ending on October 15th, 2012 at 11:59 pm PST.

After that date, we will still have a free version of Scout, which will include the following features:

  • GPS Navigation – Get our 3D turn by turn directions on the latest maps
  • Dashboard – Get traffic, weather and commute drive times on one easy screen
  • Traffic – See real-time traffic and ETAs to your destination
  • Places – Use search to find coffee, restaurants and the cheapest gas stations nearby
  • Favorites – Save your favorite places and sync them online at www.scout.me, where you’ll discover events, activities, and fun things to do like concerts and shows, hiking trails, parks and family fun
  • Speech Recognition – Use your voice to search for nearby places (“Find Starbucks”) or  perform simple tasks like setting up a navigation route home (“Drive home”)

If you want to kick up your Scout experience on iPhone, you will be able to upgrade to our premium subscription ($24.99/year) and receive:

  • Always There Navigation – Download offline maps to keep navigating even when you lose cell coverage
  • Traffic rerouting – Avoid traffic jams with automatic rerouting and traffic flow and speed pace views
  • Speed Traps & Red Light Cameras – Avoid tickets and drive safer with red light camera and police speed trap alerts
  • Lane Assist – Never miss an exit with easy-to-follow guidance on the correct lane to be in

So that’s it, everyone: There’s just 6 days to download Scout in the AppStore for FREE with all of our premium features and once the promotion is over, it’s over so don’t miss out!

Before I go, I also want to let you know that in the next few weeks, voice turn-by-turn directions will be bundled into the FREE version of Scout. That means, when you download Scout in the AppStore, you’ll receive audio directions to your destination without any additional upgrades. Voice guidance will be absolutely free.

Want to know when it’s available? Follow us on Facebook or Twitter to receive information about when voice will be able as part of the free version of Scout for iPhone.

Have any questions or comments? Let us know below.  We’d love to know what you think.

Thanks for reading, everyone, and Happy Scouting!