Discovering, Sharing & Exploring – Why did we stop?

Do you remember those afternoon rides as a kid? Sitting in the back, hands and face glued to the window and just looking out in awe at everything around you? From the stores on the street to the pedestrians walking on the sidewalk to all the other cars on the freeway; many of us glared out in the world endlessly. I still remember sitting in the back of our maroon Cadillac Seville peering out from the back seat. But as I got older, for some reason, those drives weren’t as exciting as I remember them being when I was a child.

A friend of mine had a theory as to why this happened. He said it’s related directly to how creativity and minds function and mature as we grow older. He told me to think of a trip or drive that I would take with my parents over and over again. The example he used was a 20 minute drive to a relative’s house every weekend. When we’re young, that twenty minute drive seems like an eternity. Then, as we get older, it would likely feel more like an hour. As we got even older and eventually began driving there on our own, that twenty minutes seemed to go even quicker.

Does this sound familiar?

So why is it that when we were younger, traveling over distance seemed to take much longer but as we get older, that time seems to go by much quicker? I have a theory. I think it’s because when we were younger, everything – the entire world – was new to us. While we sat in the back seat with our face glued to the window, we would look out in awe onto the open road and see a world of new things, vibrant colors, cars and buildings.

But at some point – as many of us got older, I think we tend to stop looking for around us. Instead, some of us – like myself – took it upon ourselves to try to find out of state license plates (Yeah, you know you did it). My point being, as we’ve matured through life, I think many of us, have become more consumed in trying to just get from point A to point B and discovery and as a result, exploration has taken a bit of back seat.

Discovery is fun – Why Stop?

Over the course of the next few weeks, I will post a series of blogs about how we can all “rediscover discovery.” My hope is that it will help each and every one of us get back to discovering, exploring and add a craving for finding and learning more. And hey – it’s healthy to discover new things. :)

So what do I mean by all of this?

Let me put discovery into perspective. By it I mean things like finding new food, going to new cafes, treating yourself to extraordinary desserts, listening to music at cool, nearby venues, singing at karaoke bars, inviting friends to new adventures, and much much more. What is there not to like about pushing yourself to be more of an everyday explorer?

As somebody who loves to try new things, I implore you, our fans, followers and friends to do the same with me and truly experience the feeling of something new. An open mind, a good attitude and great friends will definitely make exploring much more worthwhile.

The short blog series I will be sharing with you will cover the following:

  • 3 Reason the Little Things Matter
  • 4 Steps to Opening Yourself Discovery
  • Discovering the Senses: 5 Ways to Make Discovery More Meaningful

In short, this mini blog series will talk about how attention to detail, your personal approach and your own energy will really help you in having a better experience in discovering, exploring and re-seeing the world around you.  From finding new restaurants to going to new clubs and cafés you didn’t know existed, all the way to discovering a dueling piano bar in your hometown, discovery is everywhere and doing more of it can add a lot of fun to even the slowest of days.

When we were kids, remember how we looked out the window while in the car in hopes to find something we hadn’t seen before? The energy of a child is contagious and I push you and myself to find that again. Because when you find that karaoke bar you didn’t know about, you’ll need it. 😉

The definition of discover is to find something unexpected; uncover; unearth. How many of us still find time to do that?

Through fun examples and cool stories, we too will unearth how to get back to discovery.

Stay tuned.