An Open Letter from Boston

Greetings, Scout users,

My name is Nick Altschuller, and I’m the new Guides Editor for My goal is to inform you about all the compelling venues and events around you. My job, at the moment, is centered in Boston. So if you’re in the Hub of the Universe, and you need to know where to take your toddler for a play date, and where to get a strong martini afterwards, I’m your man.

The first step in this personalized approach is the creation of our Boston Twitter account, @ScoutMeBoston. Please, follow along, ask for a recommendation, or share your own tips and favorites. This is a journey we’re going to take together. And if we get lost, that’s what the GPS is for.

So, what makes me an expert?

Boston is my home of the past 11 years, minus the two I spent earning my master’s degree in journalism. From the beginning, my career has been about tackling the hard issues, like professional football and Neil Diamond impersonators. I’ve written sophisticated innuendo for Maxim. For Esquire, I grilled chef Robert Irvine on time travel and how he’d prepare tofu for a black bear. While ducking Pulitzers, I’ve spent the past five years with The Improper Bostonian, an arts and entertainment magazine. As an editor, I collaborated with a wide spectrum of local creators and innovators. In my position, I was plugged into city life, and often stained with red wine as well as red ink. It was a dreadful grind, one I made in the service of reporting on fun.

I plan to continue that work with Scout, and I look forward to discovering the best of the city with you,


New Scout for iPhone Update: Tips and Tricks

Still wishing the weekend was here? Us too. But to help your daily grinds, we released a small update over the weekend that makes Scout for iPhone even easier to use. We've added a new “Tips and Tricks” section in the app to help you discover cool features you may not have known existed within Scout.

Check it out:

Also, if you didn't already know, you can share your location or a certain place you're going via text, e-mail, Facebook and now, Twitter!

If you're a current Scout user, download the update and let us know what you think! If you are new to Scout on iPhones, try out the 30-day free trial and we'd love to hear your feedback.

Waypoint 2013 Recap!

Waypoint 2013 has come and gone – and this year’s conference was full of intelligent and intriguing discussions about navigation technology. The annual conference was held in San Francisco, where Telenav hosted a group of influential tech journalists and analysts from across the country to talk about the future of mobile and in-car navigation.

In the above video, Waypoint 2013 attendees discuss their first impressions of the event and their views on the future of navigation.

Telenav made several announcements at Waypoint 2013, including map improvements such as new 3D buildings and crowd-sourced traffic data, as well as an update to it’s “Scout for Cars: Built In” product. The Scout Advertising team also shared the results of an in-depth study that details consumer driving behaviors.

Check out what else happened at Waypoint 2013:

Want to know more about the Scout for iPhone and Android? Click here to learn more and download the app!

More Spots Open for the Scout for iPhone Beta Test!

Great news, everyone! We’ve just opened up more Scout for iPhone beta testing spots which means we can give more of you access to the next version of our product – before it’s available to the public. This includes access to ALL of our premium features, many of which are new to this version.

So who exactly are we looking for? Specifically, our team is looking for people who:

  • Have an iPhone 3G, 3GS, 4, or 4S
  • Are 18+ years old
  • Live in the U.S.
  • LOOOOOOOVE giving feedback

Does this sound like you? If it does, you can apply here!

If you’re still looking for a bit more information on Scout, rather than just telling you about it, here are some recent articles which cover it:

Thanks everyone for your interest in beta testing Scout for iPhone! We full heartedly believe that the best way to improve our products is to work directly with the people who use them. We can’t wait to see what you think!


Kenji from the Scout Team

What are Location-Based Services?

As of today, there are over 500,000 apps in the App Store for iPhones.

From the crazy and fun games to streaming music apps to social networking apps, I find myself having trouble deciding what I want to download. The problem is, there are just too many apps to choose from!

Which ones are good, which ones are bad, and how in the world am I supposed to know what to look for?

Now many of these apps are using “location-based services” (also known as LBS) to make your app experience better. But while LBS becomes more and more common, to many people, it is still a relatively unknown feature.

In order to help answer find out more about location-based services, I looked to Feng Guo, a product manager here at Telenav, to help me figure out what LBS really means and why it’s something to be excited about.

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