Introducing – A New Way to Discover & Drive to Local Events & Activities While On The Go

More and more, people are turning to their mobile devices as a source of quick facts as well as discovery and inspiration. This is because, unlike our computers, our phones are almost always within reach, regardless if we're on the train, in a car, in bed, or – let's be honest – even in the bathroom.

My Friday Question: What’s there to do this weekend?
You've probably had the experience of commuting to work or standing in line for coffee on a Friday morning, looking for ideas for the weekend or even just a way to kill some time tonight. Maybe find a concert or a fun wine tasting near you? Perhaps check out a fun, new museum or discover a great bike ride or hike to do with your kids? Unfortunately, on your phone, there's been no easy way to discover this kind of information all in one spot. Until now. – Discover More in Your Phone’s Web Browser
Introducing – a mobile discovery experience for finding fun things to do, places to stay and eat, and, because after all we are Telenav, providing you with an easy way to get there. Just fire up your phone's web browser, go to and with just a few taps, a world of fun and new experiences near you is right at your fingertips. And once you discover something fun, with just one more button push, you get our voice-guided navigation to your destination, for free – without installing any apps. Just push the Drive button and away you go! covers more kinds of fun than any other local search engine. Want to find a great restaurant or bar near you? Of course. Coffee shops? No problem. How about that cool, new museum exhibit which just opened? We've got that too. Not to mention live music events, sporting events, hiking and biking trails, festivals, parks and playgrounds – just about everything going on in your town.

On, you can also quickly sort and filter your results by rating, distance and price. Planning a road trip to a new location, or going on vacation? Check out our tours, sightseeing spots, historic places and offbeat attractions – you can easily change your search location to anywhere in the US and start knowing any area just like the locals.

This first version of is a compact, mobile-friendly version of, your home on the web for Scout. Our team designed the pages on to be  easy to read while on the go – no squinting or pinching-and-zooming to make sense of a blizzard of information; just the key facts, presented in an easy to read format, with the most important information right there. Go to a page for an event and get information about it and the venue; click on the venue link and see all the upcoming events there, plus find quick links to call or get our voice-guided navigation to get you there. And because it's a web page, you can just bookmark anything you see that's interesting!

What’s next for
In upcoming versions, we'll link to your Scout account, so you'll have easy access to any favorites you've saved previously, whether on,, or on Scout for iPhone.

Let us know what you think
We're really excited about the new mobile web format for Scout. It's fast, easy, and convenient. Our mission is to support you everywhere you are, whether it's the web, your phone or your car, and is a big step forward in supporting you in your phone's web browser, and who doesn't have their phone on them all the time anymore?

We hope you love it, and welcome your feedback. Give a spin this weekend and let us know what you think.

Mark on the Team