Update: Send ANY Address Using Scout for Apps – HTML5 Browser-Based Navigation

We’re excited to share with you a new feature on that makes it dead simple for you and all of your friends and family to get to places using Scout for Apps navigation – and it’s free!

Starting today, ANY ADDRESS can be sent using Scout for Apps, allowing you to provide your friends and family instant directions via text or email. Once they receive the text or email, they can just click the link and – presto – they’ll instantly be provided with turn-by-turn, voice guided directions to the address you’ve entered without having to open any additional apps, do extra searches, or download anything. It’s all in their phone’s internet-browser and it doesn’t matter if they’ve used Scout before. It just works.

Seems too easy? Give it a shot with a familiar address:

Why are we excited about this new feature on

Up until today, you could only send Scout for Apps navigation for known places already on our site. Previously, if it wasn’t a place knew about, you’d be out of luck.

Now, Scout for Apps on works with any address.

So imagine this: You’re going to be meeting a friend later for dinner at a place neither of you have been to. Instead of separately looking up the location, you can send the address to him/her from and there won’t be any confusion about where you’ll be meeting.

Let us know what you think!

We’re always looking to make improvements, so check it out and leave a comment below:

That’s it for now, Scouts! Be sure to watch our blog for all of the latest Scout news and updates.


Jim from the Scout Team

Jim is a Telenav product managers who, along with the rest of our Boston team, works on, a service designed to make finding events and local places easier and more fun.