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Hey Scouts!

Over the past few weeks, you've heard us talk more and more regularly about our website, Well if you're wondering why, here's one major reason: It's super awesome. :)

Oh, and it keeps getting better and better and is really easy to discover things in and around your own neighborhood OR a city you planning on visiting. It's perfect for pre-planning any trip.

It's super easy to use and best of all, FREE. If you have a Scout account, you can save and sync with your iPhone or Android app. Don't have an account? Sign up here!
Check out our newest video showing you how to get the most out of our favorite site.

Not sure what to do or have questions? Let us know below in the comments, on Twitter or Facebook!

Happy Scouting!

Top 10 Memorial Day Activities

Memorial Day is the official unofficial start of summer!

The start of summer = outdoor fun in the sun :)

Whether you're staying local or going on a road trip, take advantage of the long weekend with these top ten things to do.

From beaches to hikes to ice cream, we've got you covered, thanks to Take a look at our full list after the jump!

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New Scout for Android Update: New Dashboard, Always There Navigation, ETA Sharing & Ad Free Search!

Hey Scouts! We're proud to announce our newest update to Scout for Android this week! The update includes an easier to use app with a cooler looking dashboard, less advertisements, downloadable maps to always keep you on track and great ways to share locations and driving information with your friends and family. We're making Scout sleeker, fun and just downright simpler to use than ever before.

Read on for more details and images!

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New Scout for iPhone Update: Tips and Tricks

Still wishing the weekend was here? Us too. But to help your daily grinds, we released a small update over the weekend that makes Scout for iPhone even easier to use. We've added a new “Tips and Tricks” section in the app to help you discover cool features you may not have known existed within Scout.

Check it out:

Also, if you didn't already know, you can share your location or a certain place you're going via text, e-mail, Facebook and now, Twitter!

If you're a current Scout user, download the update and let us know what you think! If you are new to Scout on iPhones, try out the 30-day free trial and we'd love to hear your feedback.

Waypoint 2013 Recap!

Waypoint 2013 has come and gone – and this year’s conference was full of intelligent and intriguing discussions about navigation technology. The annual conference was held in San Francisco, where Telenav hosted a group of influential tech journalists and analysts from across the country to talk about the future of mobile and in-car navigation.

In the above video, Waypoint 2013 attendees discuss their first impressions of the event and their views on the future of navigation.

Telenav made several announcements at Waypoint 2013, including map improvements such as new 3D buildings and crowd-sourced traffic data, as well as an update to it’s “Scout for Cars: Built In” product. The Scout Advertising team also shared the results of an in-depth study that details consumer driving behaviors.

Check out what else happened at Waypoint 2013:

Want to know more about the Scout for iPhone and Android? Click here to learn more and download the app!

Music Discoveries: Discover Live Music Near You with

Every year at about this time, across the country, musicians and bands start their concert tours as a way of promoting recently released or upcoming albums and for music enthusiasts like me, this is very exciting. If you’ve ever been to a great concert then you know there’s absolutely nothing like the experience of hearing a live band – especially if it’s one you never knew you liked.

But if there were ever a problem with live shows, it’s this: It is really hard to figure out when and where shows are actually taking place.

Ever had this problem?

Fear no more, because today I want to tell you about a simple way to find live music going in your neighborhood with, a website we’ve created that lets you discover new places, events and things to do nearby.

Ready? Let’s go.

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INFOGRAPHIC: Confessions of a Smartphone Owner

Just one year ago at CES in Las Vegas, we launched Scout, a daily personal navigator and our vision with it wasn’t to make a traditional GPS app that only got you from point A to point B. We wanted to create something larger than that; an app that helps you with important daily tasks like helping you discover local restaurants and businesses, providing you driving directions and a whole lot more.

Why? It's because more and more, our smartphones are becoming increasingly important in our daily lives, rarely (if ever) leaving our side. We rely on them for a whole variety of reasons; for entertainment, information, and/or for keeping in contact – among many other things. They're truly incredible tools which have become important to our lives and how you use them are as unique as you are.

This got us wondering: How are people really using their smartphones? We were curious so we set out to find the answer. The results? Quite entertaining.

Recently, we conducted a survey asking people about some of their smartphone habits. Here's just some of what we discovered:

  • 65% of smartphone users admit to using their mobile device in the bathroom
  • 10% of people admit to secretly reading other people's texts
  • 19% of users who are 45-54 years of age admit to “sexting”

In the following infographic, we share the results of a number of peculiar mobile habits. From using phones in the bathroom to sexting to texting while driving, we uncover it all.

INFOGRAPHIC: Confessions of Smartphone Owners

#IVoteBecause: 2012 Voter Turnout Could Be the Highest on Record

  This is the second of three posts we're sharing about the 2012 Election survey we recently ran. To read the first post, please go here.

Recently, we ran a survey where we asked people about their feelings about the 2012 elections and one question we asked was whether they plan on participating in this year's election.

So what did they say?

According to our survey results, this year's elections could be record-breaking, with Americans coming out to vote in numbers we haven’t seen since the 1960s!

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Trick-or-Treat: Tips for Staying Safe This Halloween

Halloween is FINALLY here and for many kids, families and candy lovers, it’s one of the most fun holidays of the entire year. What possibly could be better than dressing up as Spiderman or Little Red Riding Hood and going through the neighborhood seeking out FREE candy? Honestly, probably nothing. 😉

But while dressing up and going door-to-door collecting candy can be a lot of fun, it's good to remember that trick-or-treating can present some potentially dangerous situations if precautions aren't taken. As such, today I want to share with you a few trick-or-treating safety tips before you head out the door.

Here are 3 tips to remember while trick-or-treating with your family:

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#IVoteBecause: The Next U.S. President? We Asked You

This is the first installment of a three post mini-series based on a survey we recently conducted which asked questions around the 2012 Presidential election and what political preferences and affiliations different smartphone users have.  

Last week, we kicked off the #IVoteBecause Photo Contest, a contest designed to help spread the word about the importance in voting in next month's Election.

Why do we care about voting?

Simply put, it's because we're lucky to live in a country where all Americans inherently are born with the right to vote and it's not something we should take for granted. Sadly however, it's well known that voter turn outs for elections are often much less than the actual population of our country, with only 60% of voters participating.

So our goal is to create more dialogue around voting because it's something we should all take part in.

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