5 Tips for Discovering More This Weekend with m.scout.me

TGIF! The weekend is here and that means for the next two days, it’s time relax with friends, family, and fun!

What will you do over the next 48 hours? Well, it depends on your style. For some it might mean going out on the town and living it up until the moon goes down, while others may enjoys a nice hike in the mountains. Regardless of your flavor though, I think we can all agree that the weekend is a great time to get out and enjoy these beautiful summer days.

This week, you may be aware that we launched m.scout.me, a new way to find places to go and things to do while you’re on the move. Be sure to check out our full write up here.

As another summer weekend is upon us (only a few left!), I wanted to provide some tips on how you can use m.scout.me in your smartphone’s web browser to have more fun by discovering things near you.

5 Tips for Discovering More This Weekend with m.scout.me 

  1. What’s going on this weekend? – On scout.me, push ‘Categories’ and you'll be taken to a page where you can browse a variety of things to do near you, including live music, festivals & fairs, and a lot more. In my opinion, browsing through the various categories is the best way to use m.scout.me.
  2. Want to grab some food? – Click ‘Restaurants’ and you’ll be given a list of different restaurants near you. Want to narrow it down a bit? Hit the search bar and a list of cuisines will be automatically be loaded. From there, you can choose from just about any flavor, ranging from African Restaurants all the way to Vietnamese. Yum!
  3. Fun with the Family – On m.scout.me, browse under the “family” category to find a variety of family friendly things to do this weekend, ranging from kids events, playgrounds, amusement parks, and family museums.
  4. Discover the Great Outdoors – If you love being outdoors like I do, one thing to check out is the  ‘Outdoor & Adventure’ category, where you can browse outdoor events, parks, and hikes. Also, if you’re interested in being outdoors with your furry friend, click the “dog parks” sub-category to bring up a list of canine-friendly areas near you. WOOF!
  5. ‘So that’s how you get there…’ – Finally, let’s say you’ve found something on m.scout.me you want to go see. How do you get there? It’s actually pretty easy. On m.scout.me, you’ll notice that every event or location page has a “drive” button on it. Just click it and automatically within your phone's web browser, you'll get turn-by-turn navigation with spoken directions to your destination.

So there are my 5 tips for discovering more this weekend with m.scout.me. Check it out this weekend and let us know what you think.

Do you have any tips that you think I missed? Let me know by leaving them in the comments section below.

Have a great weekend, everyone!

Kenji from the Scout Team