Scout for Apps using HTML5: Now Open to All Developers & Available for Use on

Remember back in December when we announced the first browser-based turn-by-turn navigation using HTML5?

Today, I’m excited to announce that it’s open to all mobile web and app developers and is called “Scout for Apps!”

What is Scout for Apps?

Scout for Apps gives any developer the ability to add turn-by-turn, voice guided GPS navigation to your favorite mobile website and apps.

So imagine this. You’re super hungry (like really) and as you always do, you search for a place to grab some food by looking in your favorite restaurant reviews app. After searching for a couple of minutes, you find a spot you want to go to. You’re halfway to filling your stomach will all sorts of goodness. Now, all you’ve got to do is get there.

Traditionally, what most people do is, 1) exit the app you discovered the restaurant in, 2) enter your favorite navigation app, 3) search for the restaurant within it, and 4) navigate there. In some cases, when I’ve come across an address, I’ll click it and it’ll tell me to download a new navigation app – which honestly, I don’t really have time for. I just want to get to where I want to go.

Seem like a whole lot of steps? To us, it does and this something we’re trying to make easier with Scout for Apps.

When your favorite developer adds it to their mobile website or app, it’ll allow you to be given the ability to instantly push a button and launch a navigation session (with voice!) directly to the place you want to go without having to exit it or take any additional steps, like searching and entering in business names. Scout for Apps was made to make getting to places easier using your favorite websites and apps.

The First Apps to Incorporate Scout for Apps are…

Want to see Scout for Apps in action? Today, Avantar’s popular Yellow Pages app is now available with our voice guided navigation. More apps using our service are scheduled to roll out soon.

We’ve also added Scout for Apps to our own website,, so if you discover a place or event you want to check out, just hit Navigate >> Phone or Email and you can send the link to yourself or a friend or family member for easy navigation from your phone.  Additionally, you can also share an address and make it easy for your social contacts to navigate their by sharing it via Facebook or Twitter by clicking Share >> Facebook or Twitter. When someone clicks on the link from within their mobile phone, they’ll then be launched into a HTML5 navigation session to that location! Easy peasy!

Check out this demo video of how we’ve integrated into our website:

In addition to Yellow Pages, other app developers will be adding Scout for Apps to their applications, including:

  • AroundMe – This awesome app gives people an easy way to search for local restaurants, hotels, movie theaters and other businesses based on category and distance. With our new service integrated, people can select any location and then easily navigate their without leaving AroundMe.
  • Life360 Family Locator – Over 13 million people use Life360 Family Locator to locate their family members using their phones. Have peace of mind? Check.  With Scout for Apps included, parents will be able to navigate with turn-by-turn directions to pick up their kids at any location.
  • Wedvite – Big day coming up? This app gives brides and grooms an easy way to share important wedding information with their guests – like directions to the venue, the guest list, and gift registry info. With Scout for Apps integrated into Wedvite, guests will also have a way to get directions to the wedding and reception.

Whether an app or website is based on social, travel, shopping, or search and discovery, Scout for Apps could be useful to help get people wherever they need to be. And if it’s not clear by now – we’re pretty good at doing that.

Want to learn more about Scout for Apps?

For developers who are interested in learning more about adding Scout for Apps to an application or mobile website, check out the Telenav Developers Blog or go to

So… that’s it!

We’re really very excited about making Scout for Apps available to everyone and hope for both developers and their users alike, it will help make their lives easier, less stressful, more fun, and more productive when they’re on the go. It’s our mission.

Cheers & Happy Scouting!

Scouting New York with Boy Genius, Jonathan Geller

I am – more than anything – a mobile tech geek.

That is, I have an irrational obsession with all things which are wireless, love things that beep, and think mobile tech makes the world more connected. I think it’s how I ended up at Telenav in the first place now that I think about it.

So I certainly had great interested when I heard that I was going to be meeting Jonathan Geller of Boy Genius Report in New York City. He’s is one of the foremost experts on all things mobile tech and can be found reporting on his own site, in addition to lending his tech knowledge on national new networks like CNN and Fox.

But as the internet knows Jonathan Geller mainly as expert on tech, I’m interested in learning about him and his home town of New York City. Where are his favorite places to eat? What does he like to do? In other words, how does he “scout” one of the biggest cities in the world?

Want to find out this stuff and more? This week, join me and our Scout team on Twitter & Facebook as we tweet live from New York City with Jonathan Geller of We’ll try to get down to the bottom of these things and more as we Scout with him in the Big Apple!

7 Ideas to Make Spring 2012 the Best One Ever


What was that noise? Did you guess the collective sigh of relief caused by winter finally going out the window? Then you’re right (and one heck of a guesser).

Today marks the first official day of spring and for many, with it comes feelings of renewal, sunshine, and maybe the best part – warmth. If you’re like me, then you’ve even had this day circled on your calendar since at the end of 2011.

But even as highly anticipated as spring is for many of us, it can just as easily fly by with few memories to show for it. Has this happened to you?

Let’s try something out. Think back to how you spent spring 2011. What do you remember about it? What were your top three favorite moments?

Time is up!

Whether you’re having trouble remember what you did last spring or you’re aren’t,ahead of us all is the potential to make it this spring best of your life. Will you take advantage of it?

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Scouting St. Patrick’s Day: You’re Ultimate Guide


Are you feeling the luck of the Irish, Scouts?

Ahh, yes – it’s that time of year again and St. Patrick’s Day is upon. It’s time to dust off your green jacket and shave shamrock on your noggin because tomorrow is most Irish of all the holidays. Are you ready to celebrate in style?

In anticipation of this great cultural celebration, here is a guide on how to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day in style. From the top places to celebrate to a few Irish sayings you’ll need to know, we’ve listed out things here which will help you discover how awesome this holiday really is.

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Discovering, Sharing & Exploring – Why did we stop?

Do you remember those afternoon rides as a kid? Sitting in the back, hands and face glued to the window and just looking out in awe at everything around you? From the stores on the street to the pedestrians walking on the sidewalk to all the other cars on the freeway; many of us glared out in the world endlessly. I still remember sitting in the back of our maroon Cadillac Seville peering out from the back seat. But as I got older, for some reason, those drives weren’t as exciting as I remember them being when I was a child.

A friend of mine had a theory as to why this happened. He said it’s related directly to how creativity and minds function and mature as we grow older. He told me to think of a trip or drive that I would take with my parents over and over again. The example he used was a 20 minute drive to a relative’s house every weekend. When we’re young, that twenty minute drive seems like an eternity. Then, as we get older, it would likely feel more like an hour. As we got even older and eventually began driving there on our own, that twenty minutes seemed to go even quicker.

Does this sound familiar?

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VIDEO: Scouting Durian, the World’s Smelliest Fruit

Happy Monday, everyone! Are you ready for a great week ahead?

Now, I realize most of you are probably coming off a pretty awesome weekend, where you hopefully had the opportunity to create some awesome stories & memories with the people you love. Ultimately, that’s what Saturdays & Sundays are for, right?

As a result, weekdays can be a bit of a drag compared to their weekend counterparts.

But does all the fun have to be had on the weekend? I certainly don’t think so… I think weekdays can be filled with just as much fun and excitement… if you want it to.

Enter the Durian.

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7 Things You Could Do Right Now To Make This Week More Interesting

Hump Day. Does the sound of it inspire lots of warm and fuzzy feelings?

Maybe it does. Maybe it doesn’t. I guess it really depends if you’re a glass half full or glass empty sort of person. I’m guessing just from looking at you, you’re the former… 😉

Regardless of which camp you fall in, I find that it’s always on Wednesdays, the middle of the week, that I need to do a little bit more to spice up my week. So today, here on the blog, I wanted to share some ways that I do this by providing 7 ways to make your week more interesting.

If you want, do just one of these things to make it more interesting, but if you really want a good story to tell, then do all seven.
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HOW TO: Discover More Awesome Music Near You with

Do you like live music? I love it… and I think you might too.

If you’re with me, then you know there’s nothing quite like going to a concert whether you’re listening to your favorite band or discovering a new one at a your favorite local venue. Between the music pumping out of the speakers, the energy coming off the crowd, and the ambiance that a great venue brings – there’s just nothing like the experience of listening to live music.

For those of you Scouts who are like me and appreciate discovering new music and attending live concerts, today I wanted to share with you how Scout can actually help you find more of it near you (and then navigate there with Scout on your Phone).

Here’s how.
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